Chad Eick : Operations Manager

 Chad is attending college full time locally. Chad is majoring in Biology which is a great asset to the farm. Brianna and Chad manage the day to day operations of the facility. He has been working with horses his entire life and occasionally he will even ride one! He enjoys being around animals and has a special way when dealing with horses. Chad makes sure the facility is clean and safe he performs the routine maintenance 

and repairs. Chad maintains our web site and is assisting in the preparation of our new pastures and the new indoor footing.

There are a lot of good riders that teach but there are not a lot of good teachers that ride......

Brianna Eick : Instructor

 Brianna has been riding horses since the age of six and has been teaching riding for the past four years. Brianna is attending college to receive her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked for many years with young children from infants through teenagers. Brianna was a working student for several years where she assisted the trainer in preparing each horse and rider for their lessons. She then went on to teach lessons at a barn built at our home. Brianna creates lessons based on the needs of each student. She encourages the students to learn all aspects of horsemanship. All ages are welcome to join our program . Brianna is learning new information all the time and incorperates that into each lesson.  Brianna takes weekly lessons with her dressage instructor Diane Rodich of Top Class Dressage to continue her training and advance through the levels of competition with her horse Denali.

Lisa Eick : Vice President Northridge Equestrian

Lisa is a Graduate of Wheelock College with a BS in Early Childhood Education and is a Certified Instructor for the Office of Child Development and Early Learning. Lisa's job for the last 30 years has been in providing high quality Early Care and Education to the community. She was passionate about horses as a child and then renewed that passion when her daughter began riding at the age of six. This journey has taught her that horsemanship takes on many styles and forms and all should be welcomed. Lisa is very interested in sharing the joy of horses with middle age and above horse enthusiasts that may have this goal on their bucket list. Her goal is to create a farm that has a strong educational component for all who wish to learn about living and understanding horse.

Ron Eick : President CEO Northridge Equestrian

Ron is a graduate of Nichols College with a BA in Business Management.

Ron's current job involves emergency management services and as such he is keenly aware of ensuring that all horses and riders are safe and secure at all times. Ron is on the board of The West End Ambulance which is another way he assists the community. Ron spends much of his time at the farm making sure that the facilities are in good shape. You may find him watering and grooming the indoor arena or outside cutting the grass or repairing fences. It seems that these jobs are never done! Ron and Lisa have owned and cared for their five horses for the past eight years. They have learned a great deal and would be happy to share what we have learned with others.